Saturday, 31 March 2012

Atom 18: How would you sell the design?

Problems to solve are the real challenge in the world of design. Solutions that emerge should have strong rationale and basic sense of direction to first prove its meaning. Sometimes, meaning and idealogies itself are catalyst to sell the solution. When the direction is gone wrong, quickly gyrating to the play-field and setting real benchmarks would be a viable option to prove a worthy second round.

If design does takes several rounds and a solution is still not emerging, then the selling of design ideas really becomes cumbersome, as it puts the individual under stress and questions the ability.

Its not an easy job to sell ideas to a large folks, so as it may be easy to a single person. Quite the best way to sell the design ideas has following components which also as the ways to buying it by the client/team -

1. Communicate
2. Manage
3. Own

Leaving alone skills to design, one could sell ideas if the ability to communicate well with internal team, provide support and lend co-operative work. By ways of efficient managing resources and a keen ownership will keep one floated above the rest, since human are social animals, and a team work ability from within is the best moving factor.

So What this does? I believe lot of reviews come to the core from internally, so the best way to manage is to set right with internal team all the goals. If it passes through the acid test, most probably there will be lot of support from within to guide you even on the tougher path.

Now the flip side to think is also, that winning the client's mind. If the client is willing to invest money on your design, it means your design skills needs to be on top and can go for the kill.Either way, its worth to find where your zone of comfort lies - design is not simply just to design - but as in any field it needs Management acumen to successfully cross thy obstacles!! The real selling of concept is also a need to look as somebody buying the design. As somebody opt to buy, one should also look on how would somebody buy - they will look at what communication that happens (visual or vocal), how it is managed and how do they own it?

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