Saturday, 3 November 2012

Atom 30: Jewelry Industry: If adopts Consulting Model?

Women folk's flood the Jewelry stores as more of desire against any immediate needs. Cultural traits will heavily influence the argument of Jewelry industry need to adopt a newer,fresher model of selling. The eastern world behavior will take immense cue of what could be effective latent needs. The Jewelry industry had seen heavy store traffic and the real challenge towards consulting model will be utilizing staff & human resources.

Women have innumerable questions and need a detail conversation before their purchase, and the big ticket counters like jewel is never under-rated. Representatives in the store try to aid customers in their decision making and pricing factors. Sometimes, when customers visit the store; and have to post-pone their buying decision - due to lack of attentive managers, larger crowd and issues with jewel design. More often, people start at home with lot of anxiety expecting things should be favorable.

Moving into Consulting model - the shop would provide appointments to customers. This could be tailored for a medium to high budget purchasers, which immensely means personal attention provided. Occasions or budgets could be driving factors to decide the customer's schedule. The current system is never a personalized model, but it also means that people never shy from buying - if they need to against any discomfort. They just been luckier or adapted to a model that never defeats the sole purpose. But when consulting emerges, the value to the customer is viewed with different viewpoint, and buyers plan their trip in advance. It is similar to getting appointment to consult a doctor or equivalent to have a seat booked for theatrical shows.

Jewelry stores which adopt such a consulting model - will benefit by providing trust and experiences that are quite a formalized stream, that never this industry looked for. Certainly, the points to ponder for store-keepers would be to have methodical plans, build communication channels, use IT services if required, allocate resources and also choose considerable lead/buffer time in scheduling appointments. What if best be - when customers can bring in their favorite designs and have a chat for customizing models against the regular available lot?