Sunday, 23 March 2014

Atom 46: Intrigue Factor: The tangential direction on creativity

The intrigue factor which I would like to measure is to arose curiosity, unusual framing & deliberate differences. Intrigue quality leads suspicion in mind, and rather an element if cognitive dissonance. It's deliberate - Yes - planned to look at in a differing angle, planned by planners that the lookers look for the sense behind. The dissonance that is built is leaned to get solved by the lookers or users ( consumers) by a way that naturally would be satisfied or correlated.

Intrigue factor is an essence to produce an experience that is commendable, if the ideation is brilliant. It nicely needs be crafted that is no overboard or too-queer (intrigued) that misses the sweet-spot. It laces well on the mind of consumers by which the output of the experience is felt on good-high of the curve. The experiences can range from good-will, care, rush, need, fun to oblivion. It's intertwined with emotional elements and the intrigue factor simply built with it, either in solo or in orchestrated manner.

I recently viewed the "Flipkart" ;one of the leading online retail company advertisement on the cable channel, which really got the intrigue factor. Element used is unusual body-language, funny & real setting. It makes you think a while of the narrative flip-book-like animation of background settings change while the body-language just remains the same. It keeps it simple and terrific consistent s the next time the body-language makes you to move to what the core message under the hood is. Why the second time? Simply dissonance needs to be settled firstly before finding the core message under the creative ad. The pull towards will naturally flow on successive viewing though! Not only here, most of the music albums does do have it.

Don't forget the intrigue factor which is just unnoticed and untold most frequently.