Tuesday, 25 October 2011

What is all about design atom?

Design of objects,mind and substance that exist ubiquitous, at times of common sense and at times driven by meticulous planning and detailing.

Design inherently evolves in many ways as by function, choice, strategy, needs, wants, aesthetics and subject.
It has inward and outward origination, either by collective problems that happens to solve outwardly, or a solution that is looked inwardly.

What lies beneath all design fundamentally, is nothing but an atom, that is colorized by various parameters.
Atom ? So What is an Atom ?
Anything that is extremely small, a minute quantity, hypothetical particle of matter so minute as to admit of no division (Source: dictionary.com)

Design thus in totality evolves from an atom or leads to the molecule level, which inward or outward manner, which by coalition or disintegration, which by unison or disengagement drives the whole into parts and parts into whole.

Design atom is powerful, is a source, is meaningful & complex. Design atom will be the spark, iota of solutions and fractal of everyday objects, mind and substance.

Design atom in itself has a deep conscious where thoughts of people enlivens the consciousness of dead cells too! 

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