Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Atom 20: Is a room really booked in that Hotel?

Online hotel booking increasing gradually by time, and I been wondering its just not the comfort as against booking an airline ticket. A ticket as it shows up in a PDF and ready for printing, is more largely a experience that task accomplished. How about a movie ticket? The process is much similar and the end process confirms the success of task.

Hotel booking though end as a process in a final confirmation or hitherto a PDF file ready for printing, but the hotel booking as a end process is not enclosed or tagged to completion of task, against other examples - where the other task with meticulously closed action item - as a ticket! The ticket has a form of agreed commonality, of a surety - of a booked seat (as on Movie's the choice of seats are predominantly chosen and driven as a goal) - or of a booked flight seat (though sometimes the exact seat is not even chosen).

Hotel booking as a goal looks at
1. I need a room
2. I need a room of such features facing the particular side/sight
3. I would prefer having a room somewhere there or being closer/overlooking to that

Basically, hotel booking though need to look at ways to strengthen the user goals and address the goals. So instead of being a generalized statement, Hotel booking should say user - that the Room 203 is booked for you. It may even suggest the user to choose one room that is available with preferences. It may even book rooms as per choice and confirm the choice. Currently, the booking address that the room is booked, whereas the user is unknown of many things which he would want or need in accordance to personal taste. This may be even going a step ahead and stating that "Ms. Diane would be your Front desk assistant during your arrival on 25th May 2012" (by simply cross-verifying the list of Front desk assistants shift time)

Thus on addressing the Goal and user reaction/emotive response is quite fundamental to hotel booking, as it looks a gap that exist on successful task completion, where sometimes the user would need to call or speak to the Hotel Front desk to really confirm on booking. 

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