Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Atom 27: Child's delight: Surplus of things

Its been constant wonder affair in watching how Child respond to external environment. Never they show disinterest on new objects, weird particles, oblique shapes, mundane pieces and much more. I been regularly driven into & engaged with passion on observing my niece, an 18 month-er.Its what Surplus of things that marooned them - nothing but Child's delight!

Recently, she had the dough (much in quality of a clay) - which really took her in great amazement. Her beaming face and readiness says it all. The amount of tenacity and elasticity the dough provides, really became an experimental tool for an hour or so. Her time with usual toys and playthings have become less, against she is an involved player with some of the other things - sound of bikes, car engines, freight rail, crow hopping, texture of ladle, glittering silverware, wardrobe closet, tail-gating, dirty slippers, wooden door, pencils, crayon & writing tools, pretend book reading, ipad gaming, gesture, phone dialing & follow people. More a factual note is that linkage with external stimuli and observation, rather than to sneak in their own world to mind their own business. Surplus of things that surround are just the delightful world that she wakes up, dreams about and sleep's over.

How often we been taken by surprises and interrogate the world around? How good do we use the tools at hand with greater respect and skill? The need to experiment, observe, wonder, ponder and sleep over is often a designer's delight too, but at the hindsight - children do this with utter sheer joy - with natural ease. Its surplus of things that we live with, and let it naturally be observed with joy and consumed upon.

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