Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Atom 4: Playground for design

Bunch of kids have a setting to unleash themselves. I remember even when I was a kid, we used best of the resources to find playing uninterrupted. Don't have a hockey stick ? Get to the swamp, break the stem of one swampy species., use it as a hockey stick. We were adept at picking the right stem, the right tool, durable and  efficient. Hundred ways that we manipulated and kept playing different games.

Design too needs a playground. May be it the projects, everyday activity or building a simple excel sheet. Designer looks towards obvious reasons to improve, escalate, heighten or differentiate all that wants or craves to be. There is a wider playground for designer that is part and parcel of wherever he/she needs to go. All that  belongs, all that passes by, all that exists, all that is observed are right candidates for to belong to the playground material and tools.

The passionate designer ends up with a splash of untold touch, a signature to many of the items. This could be even a mental diagram that clouds oneself, never needs to be sketched, but comes to the physical nature when rightly needs to. The playground exists within, around and outside. Its time that one goes to unleash all opportunities, where a life never dull emerges and rather getting to the playground is a wonderful opportunity to look for another setting in the mundane world!

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