Saturday, 10 December 2011

Atom 5: How to Exceed expectations at work?

Creating works and presenting to stakeholders is a routine job for any UX consultant. In the light of events, skills like communication, story-telling, engaging roles, facilitation are all intertwined towards end result. First basics, as in any field, one should know the fundamental methodologies, understand cross channels of streams, effectively manage, learn trade-offs. Not really need to be at the zenith of a subject or be a subject matter expert. But probably if so, a guidance and final over-look from a senior member is always recommended. But no one size fits all, invariably to exceed expectations at work but the framework is quite this way-

1. Be knowing how to "Set Customer Experiences or impression", comprehend How will the work engender better experience flow, being in their shoes, do some homework ? (This is the Channel)
2. Be knowing what you do, interrogate on what you do that benefits stakeholders and the result (What is in the Channel)
3. Be knowing why you do, interrogate why you do on the "What" thing, will this be the only thing or could this be done differently. (Is that appropriate for the Channel or shall we get in infused with something else?)
4. Be knowing what consequence you have doing it, Set a mental impression of how people would react and match this with Point 1, Setting Customer experiences. Adjust and manipulate minor factors to the entire spectrum (Is the Channel flowing well)

Primarily, being interrogative and understand the key role that is played, such as being circumspect at all steps will clearly set forth clear goals and results emerging for the set goals. Its simple, but lot of perseverance is required throughout the process.

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