Sunday, 11 December 2011

Atom 6: Emergence of Processes

Processes are part of diurnal life, it defines from simple blog writing to car driving to handling a business. The process in real sense, emerges from a more dynamic means, where perception process totally defines the way processes are ruled.

Perception process is unique to each person and consists of three stages -
1. Selection
2. Organization
3. Interpretation

Ideally the way an individual perceives drives the way processes are put in forth. Atleast, there may be mild variations in creating processes to a minor role, where set of options in varying will not have vast differences. Example Car driving. But when complexity of the task grows, the "processes" rules widens gradually. Ideally the perception process is a catalyst in creating the generic "processes" as in whole.

The fascinating aspect is that having an effective processes in business set-up, actually is governed by the perception process. Even in design field, its highly indispensable that the perception process enables individual to create an excellent processes or product. Thus perception process is not alone thinking and doing, more of experiential learning and cultivating the habit to perceive will lead to powerful, appreciable and great end results. Albert Einsten remarks "I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious", which actually is the rudimentary fact.

Processes are like gears that spun by external forces like perception process. The rotations are highly visible when the external agents play a vibrant role in movement of the processes. At times, the external agents need an overhaul after a prolonged period, where the habit of perception will slant towards refined manner as maturity grows, and has the perception itself grows.

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