Thursday, 22 December 2011

Atom 7: Design degree - To Educate or Get Educate ?

We had witnessed how various domain, skill-sets & field of specialization for individual can be momentous happening. It could be definitive selection or much through by chance. The causative factors could be negligible consequence, but post-selection of a subject ; the real euphoria and desire shown drives the individual road path.

I had to converse with a relative, where they wanted to know how best is the education to their son. Hours of discussion we had, I can recollect that the enthusiasm which I brought in for them, primarily it was selling an idea in business context but primarily any field will have its niche aptitude for an individual to perform, But how is it different for becoming a designer in any specialization ? Is it that everybody can succeed ? Certainly it goes beyond luck and planning. Sometimes it ends with a rough patch or emerging from a ditch hole or travel road less travelled or end up with the community as one!

Design certainly not a splash of colors but does has a meaningful order!

Design is such a field that is tangential to any other field of engineering studies. Design is a mix of art and engineering skills, need for profound creative abilities. More than creative abilities - common sense approach & analytic skills could be driving forces. Thinking methods and Processes are additional catalyst. Choosing a design course is not a mere status quo or a vogue discipline.

I have staunch  reservation of design field that is widely differentiated against other background of knowledge. Its formulative, transformative, promulgates & cultivates individual life and reasoning. The question is Should one educate to get a design degree or Would one get educated through design degree. ? It actually evolves through the first case and grows within untold to the latter case. The design education will spring in seeds of fresh insight and evolving culture within oneself. Its got a post-era of self-evolution that leads post-education. The strength and approach emerges and leads a better transformation.

The beauty of the design education widens because that it cuts through lot of closely related fields like behavior science, pyschology, material properties, philoshophy, metaphysics, spirituality, business, fiction, mechanics, socialism & list goes on. Its for goal-oriented people, who would want to feel fresh breath of air and live in a thinking world. One could play different roles and disguise with subtle manner, it starts with "To Educate" and will end "Get Educated" by the process that revolutionizes the inner kernel.

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