Monday, 26 December 2011

Atom 8:Celebrations: Experiences not everyday?

We been in a society that has Events, Activities, Tours, Feasts & Celebrations. So how often do we have them and what special elusive ways we looked this coming towards us. We block dates, we plan, we discuss, we really go berserk before it actually arrives.

I been looking at days of "Celebration" with contrast and incisive thought. The experience of celebration is immersive, entertaining, riveting & engaging. This is just not part of the environment, it soaks and evolves as a state of mind. The day looks with stark differentiation, which brings to understand that there exist "Normal" days. So whats been so unusual on a Celebration or a day that is "non-normal" ?

Its only been a state of mind, is'nt it? Mostly it is shrouded with the momentary reflection of the 24 hours that has a special meaning in whatsoever way. It may come annually or monthly or come in leap years! Whatever way it is - Its highly a picturesque watermark's of a state of mind, this being individual level, in couples or in groups or as in a whole society.

Experiences like Celebration is an exclusive function of a mind. You create meaningful rejoice by name of celebration. Your fraternity highly finds essence in such meaningful rejoice. The pompous and voices of celebration are really differing experiences. We call them as Experiences, since the "Normal" days are just being without those special "Experiences". Would it be bored to be in a state of such everyday? If it were real true, meaningful "experiences", then why not that be it everyday? Create the meaningful essence and find a differing realm and experience towards celebration everyday. If its a function of mind, create an environment for or be in an environment in longevity of such celebrated days. The true design of celebration is to experience a stand apart timing, so it means to be in a designed state of celebration if that really happens to be good or feel good factor. Its not wondrous or enigmatic to live in designed experiences. It creates meaningful order and healthy experience, which is wholesome for one to create it and be in it. 

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