Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Atom 10: Absorptive Design Management & Thinking

The basic definition of Absorptive are -
Absorptive : Having power,capacity or tendency to absorb or imbibe, having capability of withstanding abuse or stress. (Source: en.wikitonary.org)

Another source from thefreedictionary.com

1. The act or process of absorbing or the condition of being absorbed.
2. A state of mental concentration

"In business administrationabsorptive capacity has been defined as a firm's ability to recognize the value of new information, assimilate it, and apply it to commercial ends. It is studied on individual, group, firm, and national levels. Antecedents are prior-based knowledge (knowledge stocks and knowledge flows) and communication. Studies involve a firm's innovation performance, aspiration level, and organizational learning. It has been said that in order to be innovative an organization should develop its absorptive capacity" as explained in wikipedia.

Absorptive design management and thinking is a broader boundary that will address the connectivity of Management and thinking process in design. With precise management, design can be highly meaningful, resource-efficient and collaborative.

On grounds of this explanation, the ability to access information, interrogate, assimilate and churn it beneficial with refined processes is highly an Absorptive process. This is a conscious evolution. Absorption in itself is brought to act without lack of un-consciousness. The cycle of information production or design production is evolved when openness and absorption to varied subjects.

This absorption also involves the stakeholder act, behavior, idealogies, notions which purely understood by perception, socializing & motivated practices. It addresses to speak or put oneself in stakeholder demands and shoes. How it transcends beneficial to the stakeholder and the internal governance of the individual and organization also needs to be comprehended. This by large is absorption in work. Absorption Design Management is specific understanding of common users, specific users, marketing team, various stakeholders, demand, market conditions & business goals. It is absorptive such as all these layers have to bundled into a manageable process and single layer. It means that it is highly intermixed and readily available. 

Now, at the lower level of the fragmentation is Absorptive thinking. The act is to produce design with utmost care, quality and strength such as it has capacity to imbibe the users, observers and succeed them at emotive level. It is not only Emotional design, but a case is built to make how absorptive are the users. It is not immersive, as it can always be function of mind, but absorptive will drive to absorb the people with attention and affection. It is humanistic as in whole, but absorptive as it is effective, easy and attentive.

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