Friday, 10 February 2012

Atom 11: Solution-based approach in Management

Solution based approach an equivalent term alternatively to design thinking. Design thinking looks at solution in order to start to define the problem solving route. This is opposing to the Scientific method  that which starts defining all the parameters of the problem in order to define the solution.

In a broader spectrum, Solution based thinking also evolves with a formative & involved approach which when collaboratively works well in project management. This is entirely looking at solutions at all plateau, situation and time. What runs a project management efficient, is to handle pro-actively and pre-look towards solution. Now as solutions are the final outcomes with each action, putting solution based thinking as a fore-runner in management will steer the ship safe to home.

If an action needs to be pursued or relatively an action is to be performed, solution based approach will drive and gather lot of steam, as it also makes the self as a responsible owner and maintain heighten relationships with lots of stakeholders. The act of simply overlooking solutions before a problem really shapes up, is really a lot of visualization and supplementary linkages that can emerge. Even a 50% problem statement understanding would strengthen solution based approach, though sometimes preempting solutions tend to be waste of time, but problem statements can itself be structurally stabilized when solutions are looked ahead at and can be necessarily means to find solution, and by knowing things that may not work in certain situation. Just as the way Einstein remarked that he understood by his failures of knowing 1000 ways that it will fail to work. Even at crisis, looking for solutions and a tendency to resolve is in itself a greater deflector to tap and soften problems and situation. Task being major or minor, if perceived in a fashion as to How to resolve ? What can we do to tame crisis ? What can we alternatively do at this time ?  How should we approach the presentation ? All this interrogative styles of How and What are predominantly the way a solution-based approach works. It helps to drive with efficiency and ownership skills, that finds solution towards the process rather than to wait for the emerging set of conditions.

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