Thursday, 23 February 2012

Atom 12: Mindless Experiences-Certain future of work

Recently, I bought a traditional wooden toy -a walking enhancer - a tri-wheeler - which definitely everyone would have seen. I went to the manufacturing hub of toys-Chanapatna to fetch this. It really is a very pleasant shopping experience. I think when colors come into picture - the world is more gleeful.

But the real crux of the emotive quality in a Toy shop is different being inside a Apparel shop. The overall transition in mind-set is inevitable and its real that Toy shops invoke very lighter, mild, unrestrained & happier moments. The environment is bringing in lot of pleasure and emotions that is untold.

What makes it so different? Quintessentially I can rethink the way I was a kid and went into a Toy shop, and it still remains the same at emotive level, that you buy it for yourself or for someone else. It is invariably the emotion is classically upturned against any other shopping experience. A sense of light-weight, easier connections, dismay, buoyancy & immersive experience.

A mindset that is very much diverse from the usual grind of life. I would call this the "Birth linkages" or "Mindless experiences". Experiences that just spring up at the hour and are not factored by time, consequences and mind in itself. Since they is lot of play that we have been doing from birth, and we learn much through play. Playful mechanisms are always the best source or linkages where we picked up such experiences. Mindless experiences are a fact that is unrestrained and soon the future of work needs to look at where Play and work should be combined, environments need more mindless experiences that engender freewill and spirit.

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