Thursday, 8 March 2012

Atom 13: How Convergence Factor lessens Information density?

Information is ubiquitous and unmanageable as days go by. But the world turning towards more handheld computing, the information is falling in a palette. The density is much more better managed, were topics of interest are getting merged and seeming to turn light.

Information density = (Information + channels + knowledge)

The world of Apps is driving through all news and trends based information into one box, where packaged to branch out into multiple arenas. The Apps start to bind the density factor and putting in condensed packages, that is manageable and sensible. Soon gone will be the days where news source as unison and single-dimensional. Its aggregating well, and this is happening widely now - as the apps try to pull all data from multiple sources and push as in from one platform, so as this clears the fuzz of looking around. Social sites like twitter build this case well. Information density does not end here, but localized information is more a need of the hour, which is in a way - personalization. Though the common platforms provide the best of information. But the star attractions of news say in "design" as viewed from flipboard - is different for me as in my view point against another person or against Flipboard favorites. Though Flipboard and design channels when aggregate to bring in best information - the Question is - Is that personalized to feed in the most appropriate data that I want? So if that is the case, there are Apps that serve in particular domain like "Houses" "Architecture" and once again What I want will certainly differ or Where my interest lies in will be really different. Once again Apps address the world of reading news in a better method, as thanks for the devices and OS that made that happen. The data or information inside a shell - Mashable and Flipboard build aggregate of information, but all data that is there is not what one wanted. So still one has to move through density of Information and seek the appropriate one.

Information density is diverging through web and then converging through the apps.If Convergence were to group with Personalization then "Personagence" should factor in, with the density cloud will be there right at the exact subjects, data or info that need to be addressed.

Convergence Factor = Personagence (Device Shift + Personalization)

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