Monday, 26 March 2012

Atom 17: Designing "Moments"

We been planning and finding the best cake shop in the city. Incidentally, for my niece first birthday function. We been trying to be make very sensible,cautious and methodological decision on this. Why so? for just a cake. This was not just the "cake" as an "object". Relation of the "object" to the "event" is highly visible and indispensable. It creates patterns of relative features.

Patterns such as Cake, decor and food are just "objects" that heightens the entire event. Each of such individual objects unify to create one wholesome experience. Deflection in one of the object can lead to the other, or may not have a consequence. It can remain and stand aloof, It can be a major, minor or a non-trigger.

When planning for an event, all the group of objects are necessarily resolved and planned. The serious onus of all those objects may not be under direct control of individual. But the effort to create a befitting wholesome experience, the objects looks to have control when they remain to be under our purview and decision. Once again, the decision and reaction to it, may well go awry, but the effort in creation of it matters. Such an effort is not just planned, but we design them. We design them through a visual picture, an imaginary cinematic experience.

We just look at the "Moments", We just design those "Moments" and we put all those efforts to seek a fulfilling, rejoicing and appreciable Moment.  Its not alone the wholesome experience, but the object that relates to the Momentary part of it, as the Cake as an object, relates to people, their emotive connections, their reaction, expression and conversations. All this is built by means of the "Moment", by analyzing how such a moment should really exist and how it had existed.

Designing products and interfaces also needs those singular moments, calculative bridging of such "Moments" with the objects are quite a process.

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