Friday, 23 March 2012

Atom 16: News Consumption on a Small Screen Touch Device

With the defining change of interfaces like tablets and mobile devices, reading takes a new shift. Reading is relatively transferred in easier ways with the invent of touch screen devices. The statistics also brings to extrapolate that in accordance to Pew Research: 27% Americans get their news on Mobile devices and increasing traffic to major news websites by 9%. The research also expects the number of digital news subscriptions nearly double this year.

Looking at the way News Consumption shapes up to the stats is so much relevant. This includes the shift in my diurnal activities on news reading at my own personal front. The positive factors that emerge from it as a habit that grows into an individual could be due to -

1. Easy touch screen device - smooth navigation flow (atleast broadly of the gesture)
2. Hardware quality - pure interaction with a glassy, glossy surface
3. Neat bits of information - chunked to consume easily
4. It clocks to be about 3 minutes to read a news which is quite better against large screens or monitors
5. Information revealed only on scroll, advantageous against finding whole textual data face-front
6. Psychology changes behavior of reading - at smaller piece-meals (by time and content)
7. Helps to grasp the point easily and can be easy scanning

Its pure and pure a behavioral change that has creeped due to hardware, interface and information design transitions.

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