Thursday, 7 June 2012

Atom 22: How reviews become closure of news reading?

Online News that has been widely in the forefront for many folks in sections alike Weather,Economy, Politics, Sports to City news and others.

I been witnessing this behavioral attribute (yet to research deeply!) of editor's or author's news is well binded with the Review section at the bottom. Also the likes of Share, tweet and +1. How often the scroll keypad is kept banged, as the news end and reviews begin!

It became an extension of additional news or social information - where the reader is interested to find how people really felt on the news. Eagerness and cut of curiosity is what the extension is all about. Looking at the context of emotional value - for good - as in case India wins the World cup in Cricket, this transcends to capture how fellow country-men and global citizens felt on the win. People thoughts to the news ends most probably as a "recency effect" that lingers in mind. Reactions towards political support, legal laws, malpractices,  crimes and the negative extremity is a bandwagon of agitation, curse, humor and criticism. Such a closure to the news invariably binds the reader to either join or discard, and more probably feel the anguish or burden that is coming through multiple people against the primary "author's" news. It is now a news constructed by many and not so by one. It ends with lots of secondary - tertiary information against the primary news.

Crowdsourcing as it becomes - collective thoughts increases the value of the news to invariable heights. Sometimes the lack of any review column or thoughts is just a void to a news that is more important pr attached to the reader. The final closure never happens, as though been a routine!

How long will the reviews of online news can transcend by time to the Local prints ? Is'nt it much expressive feelings, ideas or pointers are a wanted segment ? Is'nt it a experience of reading lots of "insider information" or "series of mini-news" or "subjects" an interesting way to tie with a news?

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