Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Atom 23: Let's get the cradle connection!

Looking at newborns & toddlers, where their first fascination of light,luminosity & pictures heighten as day by day where they constantly look around the world - indoors and then outdoors - weirdly wonder!

All new things that they look, sometimes even old things that are freshly "cached" in their mind are all part of the catalog they constantly keep source, appreciate and relate. That's why the world of visual connotations are more powerful than words. Its worth it and as of all we know.  Its been a genetic connection that born to look for such things is much easier than a learned behavior of reading anything. Cognitive load is high as understood.

Learning through objects is in some manner more relate to us. We had all become serious with the physical boundary curtailing to be unlike a wonder-kid. I been constantly intrigued with the fact that in a Client interaction - more often in a longer session that run hours together, people participating actively in discussion that relate to sketches, drawings, screen-shots, concepts, visuals and symbols. This is against any form of presentation that increasingly uses words, sentences and mundane specifics. It actively puts everybody in a throttle with the wonder-kid vision, when something gets connected to the cradle behavior.

Do if we need to rejig this stigmata rightly in the way we work - not so in an artificial transplanted world that is unknown against the known cradle behavior, looks more meaningful & ends more tireless sessions, talks and gestures. Sometimes, when in a joint meeting of a document approach presentation and visual storyboard presentation, the drastic valley of drift is well seen. Its time we start cut across words and move towards symbols, dialogues, role-play, videos, animation & sketches. This really seems a tough nut to crack in certain areas but should be widely adopted from coding practices to Minutes of meeting. A machine language that just created by speech-to-text, caricaturing & mine-sweeping. Everybody wants to work in better ways, everybody likes to see new things, everybody wants to find new meaning and enjoy fresh subjects in this demanding consumer orb!

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