Sunday, 17 June 2012

Atom 24: Objects of Plaything

I observed that my niece often at this age of 15 months, constantly - look for non play items as objects of  plaything. Objects of plaything as what we feel, though its object of exploration! She had a bunch of toys to play around but most of the time - wanted to explore new items, colorful artifacts & silvery shining pieces. She had sensational interest with the vegetables, cutlery and silverware. Toys as objects of plaything as we visualize is not part of her domain or her world sometimes! Breaking the common rule.

The key lesson here is that we been engaged with clients and wanted to engender customer delight, the wow factor and happiness as a result of much of our engagement models. We do use various tools, methods, frameworks and concepts to ideate and present messages. Does our messages real end up the way we had thought and derived? Does it create the absolute sensational interest as what intended? Does it been spot-on and also been a serious show or event?

Just with the Objects of plaything, Just alike a differentiation with the Child's viewpoint - We need to readjust, quickly find fascinated objects, look for unknown medium, explore in differentiated outlook to create the sense of surprise and playful characterization to our engagement models. Does this create the total experience? No, this is the path to create such a wholesome experience, as a designer, bringing in new perception and uncanny character to the mundane business-world, will awestruck many as often, naturally how one would feel as found an unknown, new, fresh object - the crave to look, want or understand is more than normal.

Objects of plaything fall in the repertoire of such experience! To break known rules and start going beyond the fixed boundary.

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