Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Atom 26:TV Media: Content Convergence in newer forms

Content Convergence is the relation of combining content from multiple sources. Its been phenomenally used for marketing and bring crowd-sourcing to the core. A blog is a certain example of various components that mix and match and converge to create a wholesome interface.

Amidst plethora of tools and products that makes best use of content, TV the media relation will soon see such a proliferation of Content Converge in multitude ways. One real innovative idea which I would chose to see upfront is the Content Convergences of Multiple Channels into one platform. Putting user first, and understanding the way DTH works - People subscribe to a set of channels or Theme (I don't justifiably see this extending far than Genres!) or la-carte or Pay per use basis.People buy a Basic package and load the additional channels on to the base. People discard to use the additive channels post-event and more probably is a curse for customers to ADD a new channel in the basket during the event and discard it later. It is a forced action that consumer look at it as not a holistic experience. Understandably, each of these seasonal or speciality events period the DTH service clocks money by making certain channels pay-per use. But does this fundamentally relate to consumer choice or been a force to choose without any other alternative?

What if pay-per use based on Content viewership than the channel as in whole - which cuts the want to have in future scenarios. Say for example a consumer wants to watch EURO Football for a set of 2 weeks period and by chance stumbles upon a good program in the same Channel, and rather becomes a favorite choice. This Content or program by far more is important to the consumer more than the Channel brand, consumers opt for channels only for the want of programs. So keeping the programs or content to preference on the pay-per use in a single basket that deemed to Cost "x" amount.  Let the base package exist for now, which is  once again regulated more by consumer choice. The concept of "Many small things can add to a big one", where more of the contents from various channels are mixed together in unison, where the categorization is no more with relative to the Channels, but more to do with the Content of each of these preferred channels in a single basket (rather single channel of DTH service provider).
If were to content converge into one channel as a basket - where most of the Pay-per use basis needs to be more meaningful relation - where chosing a Newstream from NDTV, Stocks at 3 from CNBC, Harry Porter film from the STAR MOVIES and so on which either added up as a cost by quality or quantity. Either each day the basket changes to the need or by week or by a month - at a organic time pattern. The more the content is flooded in the basket the cost rises - but should invaribly be par below than the sum of all the channels chosen or a Fixed price for every month and spikes when the limit of chosen programs exceeds. 

This creates a consumer to always tie up with this additional CHOICE channel as it is a basket of many-one, creates a better consumer experience, keeps consumer in a state where this is a CHOICE channel and how best could I utilize it? This converges field of interest where the willingness to spend on more valuable/preferred programs of choice against governed by RULES.

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