Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Atom 33: Back to Basics [unlearn with Wieck]

James Wieck put through "50 Things Every Creative should know" - with 140 character limit and neat visual to support it. The most prominent thing which could be observed is that such a rule book for all sort of things - UX frameworks, methods, approach, technical challenges, business solution etc. will neatly fix lots of issue, a mini-book which I long to see, may be create one! Is there an argument between creating slideshows and presentation with the same fit of this kind? Yes, If that's a easier sort of way to do - then ideally it can help. Imagining just got 15 mins to run through a topic and how effectively would this be done? I think more of a time - its the substance that nails your head and stays rooted forever. Easy to look back and be delightful of the experience that you know and recollect.

That was much an after-thought - but some of the things that stand well-said [top 15] from my side are -
1. There is always Someone better
2. Have a positive self-image
3. Curate your work often
4. Listen to your instincts
5. Time is precious, Get to the point
6. Ask questions
7. Seek Criticism not praise
8. Network - its not what you know, its who you know
9. There's no such thing as a bad job
10.Embrace limitations
11.New ideas are always stupid
12.Do not underestimate self-initiated work
13.Justify your decisions
14.Share your ideas
15.Don't take yourself seriously

Why we need unlearning often?
We need to go back to the school basics, now and often, which is kind of real strain sometimes - but purposefully it lands a new terrain and fresh sense of perception.One way to look back and prune your thinking and behavioral skills.

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