Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Atom 34: Invitation: Names Please!

It's not unusual finding or naming toys, digital devices and your pets! Rather brilliantly the social world open doors for tagging, and innumerable objects got flying happily tagged! Counting these as living objects, I find them with a glee, saluting heroes or their owners. 

What so special and Why we care to? Not a rocket science, but its purely people love order (though pretending,bad luck!) or so they chose to build personalisation & create objects of desire. Craving for a product, thing or a source and behave in connecting with it. I wonder if Naming as not been a cultural trait, we been machined or coded without a private property invisible till death. Names still stay as private unless wishfully collaborated. 

Now, I been dejected at what organisation treat their processes or systems. Do they own? Do they really nurture as a living entity? Names not the only wholesome way to treat or define the character of an "embodiment", I hear the voices saying that with a perfect sly look on. But don't boredom out all methodical approaches to white-collared workmanship patterns. 

We create roll-outs, incubation, objectives, strategy and million other things to be ordered & to stay achievers, I remember Joker in the movie "Dark Knight" saying to the Mayor - "You schemers are only looking for poor order, but I do not plan and like Chaos", this really needs to be broken apart in two subjects, where this blog addresses our straight-jacket approach to process thinking. It takes a "genius thing" to make things simple, and whining on names? Is this need of the hour? Why to profoundly complicate and just to leave alone frameworks and process to its own. Apparently, when the experience as to drill into heart, soul rather survive to skin-deep.I don't have any cases that had gone failed when this lackadaisical approach of running traditional party just alike without "name tags".
But the personification or to recreate a living entity inside each object, is blissful and emotive, and sooner whole mob will call by it and live by it.

Really, I had named all my process systems, thinking frameworks or plans by pure naming patterns. I love by making surroundings more human or to sensibly touch nature in whatever possible measures. The recent object of my creation was to create a learning behaviour model, which is a self-learning model and this is so divided into Triad phases of 2-4 months each. The measure is a habitual quality that is felt from inward and phase will move in tandem with actions exerted. Still objectives are tied to a larger goal, where the phase is to strive to live with a habit. I simply took animals to map such a quality which is a mean to stop thinking but just to act. In short, uncivilized culture, that's where I want to belong for now to achieve my goal. These are Mad dog, Untamed Lion, Blue Whale - the core of my living entities. All my serious faces have just gone cracking with a metaphor "of fun, names, unusual, informal sense" to bring life on to monotonous regular slides & bullet-points! Further, invite your players to create names, conundrums & brain-drawing sooner on, May be an eventful social party?

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