Monday, 24 June 2013

Atom 38: Demo Me! Demons You!

In the previous article, I did mention about picking up a puzzle game for a kid. In continuity, the reflection do extend a further from fuzzy objects. What exist in minds eye - is running through physical modes while questing for puzzle board. The fuzzy objects somehow lives in the middle of all the objects, but the behavioural notion in finding out may come spontaneous or forced. 

Spontaneous selection is either by serendipity, intended helpers or by intuitive feeling that says "I think, this works". Now the Intended helpers is our primary subject to discuss. Forced selection is purely when the helpers fail to function and user chagrined & vehemently decides under a force-will or environmental conditions. 

Intended helpers are nothing but simple cues, guides, narrations, marks or intended semantics. In a narrow span of time, I really am looking for these "helpers" to demo me what is the object all about. It means my Fuzzy object = Helpers ; which is natural mapping and demonstrating my choice. Either the fuzzy objects need to match the choice or should be higher, with derivations directly received demo helpers.

The other day, it wasn't easy to pick a puzzle board, since very few had intended helpers that demonstrating me - How it works, What it is for? Of the so many products vying to get sold, I just wonder why should not products gleefully be humanised or proclaim with empathetic feeling to the onlookers. 

Demonstrate me the product/object and get rid of the demons in it!
Demo Me! Don't create these demons inside you!

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