Monday, 8 July 2013

Atom 39: livingUX Edition 1.0 (UX best reads)

1.  Explains digital strategy - To get to a strategic framework to develop insights, firstly identifying Site Metrics, User Survey, User Research [Track 1: User] plus Stakeholder interviews, Competitive Analysis, SEO/SEM research [Track 2: Business]. The Strategic regions are categorized as CONTENT, SOCIAL, SEARCH.
Persona Creation,Content Planning, Content Governance, Workflow, IA & Taxonomy are part of Content. Channel Strategy, Ecosystem design, Response Assessment part of Social. Keyword Opportunity Analysis, Link Strategy, Segmentation Analysis covers Search. [Check the link for the diagram]
2. How People really use Mobile covers 7 Primary Motivations and the goals as 46% of activity as "Me Time" (seeking relaxation or entertainment) and 19% by socializing. 
Other activities categorized as Self Expression, Discovery, Preparation, Accomplishing (11), Shopping (12). New data show that 68% of consumers' smartphone use happens at home rather than on mobile.
3. provides list of tools and frameworks : Dojo, Infragistics, FeathersUI, Telerik, JuiceUI, jQuery UI, Componentart

4. UX vs CX -- UX (persons anticipated use of system) vs. CX (customer-supplier relationship). What they have in common is Empathy. User Journey vs. Customer Journey. KPIs, Business Strategy, Business cases involved part of  CX. A marketing researcher, manager, business analyst are involved in CX. Identify customers, find business cases, establish strategy, establish KPI, governance and culture. Provides strategic framework & business approach. Customer is a receiver of product, service, goods. CEOs look for CX rather than UX.
5.UX Strategy as explained by Eric Schaffer: Ecosystem Solutions needs to be build which is the work of UX Strategists. Digital banking channels like ATM, Mobile devices,Web and more needs to be tied in.Creating more value as how Amazon does. Creating a Motivational Ecosystem! Ideally required to build motivational leads and enable ease of use. Who does it? UX Strategists. 
Starts with Executive Intent - modeling behaviors - coherently designing the cross channel experience. Without motivation and big picture design is simply 'Hope". Form big picture by building a ecosystem and motivational leads.

6.USER REACTION/Impression STUDY: Quick survey in-person or remotely sent to find the severity of design. This may follow up with specific questioning with a follow-up study/interview or survey to understand Why they say so? Why follows What. The Metrics are assembled on thoughts, feelings,needs, activities, motivations, experience, problems

7.Field Study/Visits recorded on basis of observations and inquiry. Places, People, Quotes, Notes, Artifacts and outcroppings (physical traits) are recorded with pictures, video, audio possibly feed relationships. The final output is a collated document of the recorded information, relationship mapping & communication patterns are generated.

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