Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Atom 40: YDCIDC : You don't care! I don't care.

Recently, I witnessed a great vicissitude of transition in emotional behaviour on a service termination, rather on telecom. It was not easy to stand to see a cross-channel break up of all departments - sales, customer service and call centres. How often can you digest when differing view points are brought on a simple Termination of a connection? Termination of connections would mean losing customers in a rudimentary language. Reasons may be migration to newer services, lets call this "Responsive transition"; where the dissatisfaction or alternate service providers reign decision for customers.  It's responsive state for the companies or providers since they lose customers and do need to act - if the genuine reason's are mapped and necessary shift is somewhat deviated. Apart from this, there stands other "Non-responsive transition", which do not highly be intervened by suppliers as the customers may have solely decided on personal grounds. Eg. Migration to another country.

These "Responsive transition" is a major bet that should be aimed by the providers, where each of the departments or silos should work in tandem and co-create a company. The creation is a term that defines here to rebuild or reinvigorate the brand or problem in front of customer's eyes. It should showcase its necessary willingness to retain the customer base by more channelized, mediated & directed methods. By more so, even this approach fails to retain the customer - it should take due responsibility to not tarnish brand image which relates to brand equity. 

All disjointed departments and poor service design leads to deteriorate perception of the brand and workforce culture. Responsive participation to weed problems of the customer is never understood and in more worse case - the customer service never asked me a question of Why I need a termination. They never cared about the termination, except that they had to communicate it back to the corporate office and guided on a half-baked process (since they really did not understand how back-office of termination works). Merely they served as a mailing service and disjointed role with the Sales team. To more in dismay, the sales team when found the reason of my termination never really approached in a "responsive" mode to realise their losing stand of the "responsive transition", or cared more to fetch real reasons behind the termination.

In a purely disconnected service world, each silos work in different view points, never looked to merge or never owned. In such disparity, CX (customer experience) look to be dilapidated and strategical measure is required. If these different puzzle blocks are never entertained to come to a single frame, customers will stare at the brand with lot of ambiguity, with lots of questions and head-scratching experiences. May be this relate to "If you don't care, I don't care" (YDCIDC) is surely a trend that will speak of Why CX needs a top-priority. 

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