Monday, 22 July 2013

Atom 41: Hear Jack! Speaks Business!

Novice and Expert Jack's are split-personality roles. EJ is an inner-self of NJ and truly leads in finding a new mission for the bored NJ - Hear Jack!

Novice "Jack": I been talking to Clients, team and leading it one way on my designs?
Expert "Jack": Yeah, you been great NJ, But What Next? You just need to move to Board rooms now!

N-J: You think so? Am I made for it?
E-J: Turn into a UX Strategist - It will turn the world for good, and trust me, you' ll love it
N-J: That's brilliant! So Where do I start?
E-J: You need to learn Business Strategies, think how you could churn money through your skill-set
N-J: Don't you think I been doing this kinda work under-the-hood earlier....
E-J: I bet you did it, but that's no more skimming on the surface, get to the depth behaving a "Strategist"...
N-J: Um, So How I climb this uphill........

E-J: Not a serious tough-nut to-crack NJ.....
E-J: Look one deliverable that may stand different from what you are doing.....
E-J: UX Strategy documentation - that explains; strengths of org, market share, competitive benchmarking, customer segments, business plans, roadmaps with solutions - Do you see the value in it?
N-J: Hey, I have done certain things of these pieces
E-J: But, What you need to address is how you will turn your solutions to money. How you would end on RoI and more so talking on business perspective and holding the problem by scruff-of-its neck!
N-J: Looks you want me to get the "jargon confetti of biz minded break-up value and find barriers to entry by understanding backwash effects and build Balance Scorecards by leveraging backward integration if so, or really dissect brochurewares and study buy phases"
E-J: Thats more you need to converse now NJ!!

E-J: Lets say plainly - you need to Understand Company like Positioning, Market share, Impact on Margins, Competitors profitability. Understand Biz Strategy like Sales Projections, Strategic Gap Analysis, Operating plans, Supply chain management, Industry Analysis and Vision. Understanding Customers and Behaviors.
E-J: More simply - Where are you now? Define Where you want to be?  How will you get there? How will you measure success? The viable future is managing brand experiences through Reflections-Frames-Solutions
N-J: Interesting, I need to now start defining problems in business areas, societies & draft ideas to devise plans
E-J: Look at Apple, Belron, First Direct and Zappos - deeply diving into customer touchpoints, not just marketing messages and are top performers in CX and advocacy
N-J: What questions more should I ask then.......?
E-J: Questions like - Can you link UX Measures to strategic goals of the org? Link between UX and Business performance? Do you have clear framework for which you can plan and prioritize UX activities? Brand values and UX linkages? Understanding of pain points across different customer touch points?
E-J: Its something that you may try to discover through Reflections, move to framing vision/principles, lay a roadmap and measure to discover anything been left out in a loop
N-J: As a UX Strat - I learn that to dig deep insights of customer, company and identify opportunities and improvise the business processes.
N-J: Do not you think that a Business Strategist is also well learnt to be more like UX Strategist?
E-J: Both bring complementary skills to the table and that's why more its intended you to learn the Business terminologies, metrics, deliverables earlier rather than later, and justify the claim in making decisions.
N-J: Oh, right, you mean to be a central role and bring decision from different perspective and tying it with the more relevant structural language of business
E-J: Yes, NJ. Love to see you planning your Shift in a smooth way that your language is getting enriched and seems more fruitful for the receivers, Lets visit sometime soon, and find how good is your disposition channel!

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