Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Atom 42: Trend or Behavior? Chicken-Egg Conundrum?

We have found myriad trends that emerge bubbling up, as technology evolves.The recent boom been the Smartphones and suitably followed by Tablets. World is going Mobile, and real genius like Apple turned things in an overnight, such shift never been the quickest in the history of any evolution and adoption.

Behavior is closely tied to how technology relates to humans. Using it to the greatest aid makes life simple and delightful. Imagine how Fitbit, Pebble, Nike + & Jawbone UP all create greater support to the living system.But the slimmest line is untold as technology revolutionizes the products (some tend to fade quickly) and humans just get attracted in the swirl of its immersivity! Behavior evolves by adoption and that naturally says to be the trend.

Another school of thought, is perhaps, trend like QR code which channels the behavior around the technology that stood to be called a trend. Companies using Big data to help to make their own decision, which will be eventually leading to more personalisation to the end users.The Big data will churn a behavioral change of making consumers to look out on more as "Me-sumers" - naturally a behavioral change evolving where perceptions, expectations and belief system are transformed.

The crux of this looks quite lucid that a behavior change is just post to trend evolution - but quite subtly only the first wave of it may seem so (not always), as a strong case of a iPad device created series of flutter (ideal thought process to create portable powerful device as envisioned by Steve Jobs) eventually a creator thinks so "What else my fellow-humans or my users would really love to have" (a natural behavior phenomena that lead to creation).It ultimately shows for the tablet market do not hibernate or stop there;but a microcosm of how subsequent transition it may face is also forthcoming. The usage of Second screen is a causative factor of this behavioral attribute - and which leads to the context of upholding a significant market for Smart TV, wherein the additional wave leads to new trend of Smart TV evolution. This evolution will have its own consumption story that may well emerge into more fluidic interfaces - without any device to frame a content. Purely technology that may have always been catalyst supporting both the "Trend" or "Behavior", nevertheless its a Chicken-Egg conundrum in simple terms, where a trend turn to a behavioral change and by lots of boredom, paucity and constant outlook for new ideas (busy neurons!) the behavior pushes to a new trend where humans either choose or reject to live with it!

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