Monday, 29 July 2013

Atom 43: Wake Up, You are Creative!

Educated as a designer? Breathing ideas? Smelling problems? Visualizing end-products? 
All these never been out of passionate designer's life-line, I said life-line, I strongly believe that living as a designer will be a gifted one, where you can still live fresh without ever knowing you had been burnt-out working or thinking endlessly! Dual life, sometimes a drunkard lives in you,in certain dazed and dazzled days :-)

A designer will have been running through various assignments either be freelancing or regularized - evolving concepts and ideas, bringing more natural charisma to the floor, where people always looking at your works (not calling these deliverables, Please give a break!) pop-eyed closely. Certainly, there would be cumulative experiences that you have gathered and created, but somewhere due to lots of external factors and environmental, cost, resources factors may have influenced to a clinical approach - processes and streamlined practices would have barged in to bifurcate the creative stream. If this been a temporary off-shoot for a specific time limit, it seems no larger show-stopper. But on continual failing to cope with urge and seemingly unfit routine to get driven by processes - creates a valley, where processes must have taken you off-route. 

I think the valley is no longer existential, if certain bridges of smaller degree creativity keeps looming you now and then. But, conscious state of connecting and crossing-over these islands of void helps to bring back the original self of oneself. Its been process vs. fluidity that constantly engulfs one in the design field, may it be the project management role or on-site clientele pressure to close solutions; by and large are untold designers wall crawling moss. School education in design, must have brought lots of creativity and less of detailing but hitherto as time moves ahead, we get clogged with money, fame, responsibility and expertise to drive us to clean up the kitchen sink sooner rather than later; where conscious self awareness could keep us enlightened to not get drifted away - but keep these unsighted valley's thwarted. I believe its faintly due to lot of external resources may have shrouded our inbuilt capacity - which most probably a creative genius would be self-aware, would have silently went to the drawing board, gathered pencils and chalks - withdrawn, smiling, solving one more time looking at the world from his end!

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